Videos about PET/CT and its benefits

In 28th October 2016, the International scientific-and-educational seminar „Modern technologies in prostate cancer imaging” was held in Nuclear Medicine Centre "MedVision" in Riga, LATVIA. The lecturer Dr. med. Tobias Maurer from Urology clinic of Rechts der Isar Medical Centre, Munich, Germany spoke on PSMA-PET/CT benefits in prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Two lectures by Dr. med. Tobias Maurer are available upon request (please write to
  • "PSMA-PET/CT for detection of prostate cancer and staging of primary high- risk cancer and recurrent prostate cancer"
  • "Modern treatment of prostate cancer (PSMA radioguided surgery and PSMA therapy)"

  • PET/CT procedure step-by-step in MedVision.

    PET/CT procedure is safe and painless scanning method of the whole body. PET scan provides very detailed picture of the cancerous tissues within the body with high level of accuracy.
    How does PET scan work?
    The animation shows a small amount of a short-lived radioisotope injected into the body via a carrier molecule such as glucose. Glucose then carries the positron emitter to areas of high metabolic activity, such as a growing tumour.
    Source: ANSTO - Australia's nuclear science and technology.