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The PET/CT procedure step by step

PET/CT procedure is safe and painless scanning method of whole body.

Procedure step by step:

  • Upon your arrival in „MedVision” diagnostic center, our administrator will register you and explain the procedure.

  • After the registration you will have a consultation with our radiologist.

  • After the consultation with the radiologist you will be prepared for the procedure – a radiographer will measure your heigh, weight, and blood sugar level. You will have an intravenous line placed in the vein of your arm or hand and you will be escorted to your room.

  • Soon after you will be invited to come to the injection room, where the radiographer will inject a specific amount of radiopharmaceutical that has been measured and adjusted specifically for your condition.

  • After the injection you will return to your room and spend an hour before the scanning. At this time it is absolutely imperative to remain still. You must cover yourself with a provided blanket (you must not get cold) and you must finish 1liter of water (you must drink all the water provided to you). If you need to use the bathroom, you can, but you must remain still for the first 20 minutes after the injection of the radiopharmaceutical. Right before the PET/CT scanning (after 50-55 minutes) you must empty your bladder even if you have done it shortly before!

  • After the radiopharmaceutical has been distributed evenly within your body, the radiographer will invite you to come to the scanning room.

  • Medical personel will help you to lie down and to take an apropriate examination position - on your back, arms raised above your head or by your sides and your knees slightly bent. The position may vary for different patients and different conditions.

  • The PET/CT scanning procedure will start. It lasts about 20-40 minutes depending on the type of the procedure chosen for your condition.

  • After the completion of the examination we invite you to stay in our reception area for at least 20 minutes. We invite you to continue drinking water in order to promote the excretion of the radiopharmaceutical from your body.


    The total time that is necessary for the examination, including the registration, consultation with the radiologist and the examination itself, is at least 3 hours.

    Before the examination day our specialist will contact you and inform you about your scheduled time, which must be adhered to!

    The Examination Results

    You will receive the PET/CT examination results and images recorded on the digital medium in the „MedVision” diagnostic center reception in the shortest possible time, but not later than 5 (five) calendar days after the examination.

    By prior request, the results can be sent via mail or electronic mail. The results can be obtained by a patient or by his/her doctor.