Patient preparation instructions

Patient preparation instructions

In order to acquire diagnostically accurate results with the highest quality images, it is absolutely imperative to properly prepare for the PET/CT examination!


You must arrive to the PET/CT center after fasting for at least 6 hours prior to the examination.

The day before the examination eat foods that contain the least amount of fatty acids and carbohydrates.

Avoid eating pasta and flour-based products, and rice.


At least 6 hours before the examination begins try to drink clean, non-carbonated, unsweetened water as much as possible.

Do not drink any juice. Do not drink sweet, carbonated and alcoholic bevarages.

At least 12 hours before the examination do not drink caffeine-containing beverages and do not eat coffeine-containing foods.


Do not smoke for 12 hours before the examination.


You must refrain from physical activities and physical exertion for 24 to 48 hours before the examination, because the increased muscle activity can affect the reliability of the examination data..


If you must use any medications that must be taken in with food, please, consult with the doctor about the possibility to skip your prescribed dose.

Do not skip a dose without consulting your doctor.

Other medications can be used as usual according to your prescribed therapy, and informing our radiologist about all the medications and therapies you receive.


On the day of the examination you must avoid being cold. Please wear soft, comfortable and warm clothing. Pay special attention to your neck area, as it should be kept warm.

Please ensure that the clothes you wear are without buttons, zippers, rivets, or other metalic parts.


Do not chew gum, eat candy, lozenges, and do not use any medicinal patches (for example, Nicorette, etc.). If you are not clear what is allowed for the PET/CT examination, please, consult with your doctor before discontinuing any use of medications or medicinal patches.