MedVision offers cancer diagnostics with PET/CT

PET/CT – most accurate cancer diagnosis method

The Nuclear diagnostics centre MEDVISION is the only medicine centre in Latvia providing cancer diagnostics with PET/CT technology

PET/CT is the most accurate imagining technology for cancer diagnostics known worldwide. It combines two radiological methods within a single examination – positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT), thus effectively enabling early-stage diagnostics and greater degree of accuracy in staging, assessment of dynamics, early detection of possible recurrences.

PET/CT imagining tool is unequalled in diagnosing various forms of cancers as well as during the treatment process. PET/CT scanning is a safe and painless whole-body scaning allowing for fast, accurate and early detection of various oncological diseases and acquisition of other useful information.

Nuclear medicine doctors at MedVision are highly skilled and experienced professionals with international educational and training background in the area of nuclear medicine.

MEDVISION is the only centre in all Baltic countries offering progressive
PROSTATE CANCER diagnostics with 68Ga-PSMA.

Diagnostic with 68Ga-PSMA allows to effectively discover metastatic prostate cancer and bone metastases, as well as to detect the relapsed prostate cancer location and stage.

Read more about prostate cancer diagnostics with 68Ga-PSMA

After applying for a consultation, you can get your PET/CT examination as soon as your arrival documentation (visa, flight ticket etc.) is ready. Our staff will help you to book a hotel, meet you upon arrival, explain how to get to our medical centre and how to prepare for the examination.

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